Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Call me the Dog Wrangler

Sadie caused quite a stir this afternoon - by getting out of the fence!

Just call me the Dog Wrangler, because Chester and Sadie went running around the neighborhood with me chasing after them. Luckily, many of my neighbors came out to help (and laugh).

I was visiting with a neighbor in her yard when the dogs suddenly streaked by - "Oh my god, those are my dogs!"

And I booked it to the house to get my car keys while screaming over my shoulder to ask her to keep an eye on where the canines go.

I raced down the street with several neighbors pointing me towards Sadie. I got to her just as she came nose-to-nose with a dog down the street that is NEVER on a leash or supervised (don't get me started!).

When I got out of my car, I took stock of the situation and saw that, so far, all was peaceful. I had a quick mental convo with myself - telling myself to leave my fear in the car and remain calm over the situation.

It worked too!

No dog fights!!!! Sadie came my way and got in the car like a good girl.

Sure, I was upset about the running away, but at the same time, I was thrilled there was no blood!

Um, then I remembered Chester. Thankfully, one of my neighbors was able to get him to go into my house while I was wrangling Sadie.

All ended well - and Sadie jumped straight in the pool to cool off after her adventure.

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